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"Philosophy is not separable from skepticism, which follows it like a shadow it drives off by refuting it again at once on its footsteps"        (Emmanuel Levinas, Otherwised Than Being Or Beyond Essence, 168)


Where to read great reviews on philosophy

The truly best way to live and to sort out your life is to realize what you are and what your role on this planet is. However, if it were easy then no one would do harm to others and there would be peace in each corner of our planet. But you can easily seek for it, study philosophy as the great minds ones did and to think about your life as if though you weren't the one who is living it. That way you can be your own judge and understand why people are doing good and bad things, as well. But to find your place in all of that is quite hard and it is not something one should look for, but just let the realization come to you. You should enjoy the process of getting there and learn as much through it as possible.

What can help you on your journey

Books have been the main source of knowledge and will be until the end of time comes. They are what one should actually study and try to understand, but more importantly, those are books that review and explain philosophy. Meditations by Marcus Aurelius is one of the many books that can help you on your process. It is the only book of its kind ever made and that by a really important person. It a collection of thoughts and advices that Marcus gives to himself and a very detailed showcase of his thoughts on religion and other important things that he faces through his life.

Online blogs are one more thing you should look for, since there are some very smart people out there who want to share their knowledge with you. Some of them might even mention Essays written by Montaigne, which are one more important piece of literature that everyone should read and study. Montaigne is actually 'inquiring within' while writing his essays and following the big note that Heraclitus's made hundreds of years before.

Chungsoo's bookshelf: read

Under the Gaze of the Bible

by Jean-Louis Chr├ętien

A search of wisdom, which is never ending, can only be accomplished in collective meditation. Jean-Louis Chr├ętien accomplishes it by joining, dwelling in, and meditating on the wisdoms of the 1,000 years of the medieval Christian though...

The Cost of Discipleship

by Dietrich Bonhoeffer

The first three sections of this seemingly modest book give a literal interpretation of Jesus's Sermon on the Mount (Matthews Chapters 5-7); the last section offers Bonhoeffer's interpretation of Pauline epistles and delves into the hear...