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Chungsoo J. Lee - Reflections

A philosophic and religious corner

"Philosophy is not separable from skepticism, which follows it like a shadow it drives off by refuting it again at once on its footsteps"        (Emmanuel Levinas, Otherwised Than Being Or Beyond Essence, 168)


Religion influence in the society

Everywhere you go nowadays, you will hear about different groups claiming that they have the right set of rules that will make you go to heaven. Some of them are kinder, and would just want you to listen to them and hear what they have to say. Others are quite more aggressive and will want you to immediately joint their cause. Out of this reason, most people never open their minds to the philosophy that most big religions, and smaller ones, as well, can provide. But being closed up and not search for wisdom in each place there is, is what makes people restricted and limited to just one belief.

How does it change our society?

On a much bigger scale, if you look at the whole societies, you will see that there are some great differences present between those ones that don't look for anything else in religion, but the way to go to heaven. These differences are often the cause of xenophobia and other things that make these same societies decay much faster than they should. However, there is a way to change things up and to be much more open minded to the rest of the world.

If you would take the clothes of people from them, and all their other belongings from them, as well, and if you would take their homes and everything that is wrong about them, what would you see? You would see a group of people that are just one - people, human beings that are capable to love, be loved and make something good in their life. That is what everyone should do, appreciate what they have, but seek something that can make them better from outside, the places that they don't know. When a person does this, a big feeling of freedom comes into their souls and it makes them accept everyone for who they are and they slowly guide others to the point realizing how they can be better.

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