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Chungsoo J. Lee

A philosophic and religious corner

"Philosophy is not separable from skepticism, which follows it like a shadow it drives off by refuting it again at once on its footsteps"        (Emmanuel Levinas, Otherwised Than Being Or Beyond Essence, 168)


For as wisdom grows, vexation grows; To increase learning is to increase heartache.

Ecclesiastes 1:18

Philosophy seems to consist in an endless and passionate pursuit of principles and ideas, as in Don Quixote's vain search... unless it is pursued otherwise.

Welcome to my philosophic and religious site. This is a personal archive of texts, thoughts, lectures, working papers, fragmentary reflections, etc. open to anyone with similar interests. Thank you for visiting.


chungsoo lee

About me

I indulge myself in philosophy time to time whenever I have a moment to myself. At other times, I am an father of two lovely girls, a husband to a beautiful wife, and a owner and operator of a consulting firm (EEO 21, LLC) handling discrimination complaints nationwide from Philadelphia.

I was born in Taegu, Korea, grew up in Seoul, and immigrated to the United States at age 14. I graduated Amundsen High School in Chicago, Wheaton College in Illinois, received the Master of Arts in Religion from Westminster Theological Seminary, and MA in philosophy from Villanova University. I have been working on a Ph.D. dissertation for Loyola University of Chicago in the area of ethics (The Law and the Face: A Study of Freedom in Kant and Levinas) under Prof. Adriaan T. Peperzak.

At one time I was an adjunct professor and taught philosophy, ethics, business ethics, world religions in various schools including Widener University (PA), The Holy Family University (Philadelphia), Villanova University (PA), Loyola University of Chicago, and Montgomery County Community College (PA).

used to work for Pennsylvania Human Relations Commissions (Philadelphia) for 9 years as an investigator of employment discrimination.

I enjoy classical music, classic rock, and jazz. I used to make stained glass windows and freelanced as a Korean interpreter. I enjoy movies as time permits.

Besides philosophy, my interest also lies in the early Korean church history, particularly in the period during the World War II when Japanese forced Shinto worship upon Koreans. Many Korean Christians, including my father (Rev. In Jae Lee), opposed and actively campaigned against Shinto worship and as result were imprisoned, where many died.

I see the aim of religions and philosophy to be the same: how to live well. From Socrates to Levinas, from Jesus through Paul and to Buddha this was the ultimate concern. Desire to build a kingdom of God (a world of justice and mercy) is closely tied to the question of living well as an individual, because one cannot live well in an unjust and unmerciful world. The ancient Israelites have discovered this and before them the Hindus. I endeavor to contribute in whatever small way possible to the universal desire of building a better world. I cannot rest until some justice is done to the wretched.

Blessed are the wretched, for they shall be delivered. This is the promise of God, of Resurrection, and of Nirvana.

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